Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy Peasy Neck Piece

       Here's pattern #8, a quick and easy little knit just in time for the holidays.  It's perfect for beginners and only takes a few hours to knit.  If you are stumped for a last minute gift this should surely fit the bill!
         If you finish any of these patterns and feel like sharing feel free to send photos here and I will post them, it's always great to see what people are doing with the patterns!  Thank you to the followers of this blog, it's good to know there are people out there reading this!  I'm always open to suggestions too, so if you have questions, or there is something you want to suggest, please feel free to do so.  (Just no alpaca or metal, I am, unfortunately, allergic to both of those!)  I am trying to use yarns that are affordable in the patterns for this blog, as I'm sure it's not just me on a budget.
         As usual, feel free to use the patterns here but please remember to reference me as the designer.

Easy Peasy Neck Piece
Malabrigo Lace. col. Pagoda
Size 10.5 needles
Size E crochet hook
1 button
Finished piece measures 14” long and 4.5" wide
Gauge:  3.5 sts to 1” holding 4 strands of yarn together
Before making the scarf divide ball into two equal size balls.  Use the ends from the outside of each ball, you are holding four strands of yarn in your hand.  (If you do not have a ball winder at home ask if your LYS can wind the yarn for you into two equal size balls.)
Sometimes there’s a bit of yarn left over and you don’t want to throw it out but you’re not sure what to do with it.  When there’s not enough left for a full sized scarf or gloves there’s always this little pattern.  Or, if you’re like me, and have an allergy to metal, this little neck piece gives you a chance to be stylish.  It fits comfortably around your neck and keeps you warm without the bulk of a scarf or cowl.  

Cast on 16 sts
Work in garter st for 14”
Bind off
Using crochet hook and only TWO strands of yarn chain 15, break yarn leaving a 4” tail, and pull through last stitch.
Sew button on  opposite side of neck piece, 3 garter ridges in from cast on.  
Wear and enjoy!

Hope you all have a Happy Holidays!  

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