Monday, January 10, 2011

Pattern #11!

          I can't believe that it's been almost twelve weeks of patterns.  Three months is one quarter of the way to a year!  It's a great feeling to have stuck with this so far, here's hoping that I make it the entire way!
          Sorry that this is another accessory but this past week has been really busy in a good way.  I finally, after a year and a half of looking, have gotten a job.  And a full time one too!
          I came up with these gloves because I have a trench coat I love but for one problem.  It has 3/4 length sleeves, and with the winter weather here in Portland, that's not always a good thing.  These gloves are long enough to keep me warm and cozy during a cold day but cute enough to be worn anytime.  Once again I used Malabrigo Worsted, so soft and lovely I don't really mind using it over and over.  This color I got at, a yarn store fairly close to me.  If you're downtown it's worth going over not only for the great selection of yarn but for their wonderful window displays.  Hope you enjoy the gloves!
           As always, the patterns are for you to use to make yourself something but please remember to reference me as the designer.  Thank you!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Gloves
1 skein Malabrigo Merino Worsted, color Col China
1 pair size 7 needles
1 pair size 6 needles
1 size E crochet hook
Darning needle
Gauge:  4.5 sts to 1” in stockinette stitch
Garter Stitch:
Row 1:  knit
Row 2:  knit 
Repeat these two rows
sl1-slip the next stitch as to purl
sc-single crochet
Sometimes you find a great colorway, in a great yarn, and you’re dying to make something with it, but you know a whole sweater in it would be overkill.  That was how I felt about this lovely colorway from Malabrigo.  It’s a green and pink mix that might be too much in a larger garment but it’s great for accessories.  I also have a green trenchcoat with 3/4 length sleeves that I’ve been hard pressed to find accessories that go with it.  This color is perfect and the fitted cuff of these gloves keep my arms warm and toasty during the cold weather.
Cast on 38 sts, leaving a tail 3 yards long
Set up row:  sl1, k1, p1, to end, k1
Slip the first stitch of each row for selvedge.  This will help keep a neat edge for making up.
Work in 1x1 rib for 9”, ending with a WS row
Change to smaller needles and work in garter stitch for 3”.  Remember to slip the first st of each row for selvedge.
Work 1x1 rib for 1”
Bind off, leaving a tail about a foot long
Repeat for second glove
With darning needle sew sides together for 9” of ribbing and 3 of the garter ridges, take yarn off needle
Using the bind off tail and darning needles sew down along 1” of rib and 4 garter ridges
Using the remainder of the long cast on tail, and using size E crochet hook, crochet 15 scs around thumb opening.  Repeat 2 more times.  
Weave in ends
Wear and enjoy!

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