Monday, November 29, 2010

Pattern #5!

Here's the newest pattern.  It's easy enough for a beginner to do and a quick knit for experienced knitters.  The holidays are coming and last minute gifts are always needed!  Arm warmers are always popular, everyone I've given a pair to over the past few years has been quite happy to receive them.  Cascade 220 is a great wool, and with the generous yardage you can make more than one pair of these little striped gloves!

Burtonesque Hand warmers
1 skein Cascade 220, col. 8555, black, colour A
1 skein Cascade 220, col. 8505, cream, colour B
1 skein Cascade 220, col. 9404, red, colour C
1 pair size 5 needles
1 crochet hook, size E
Gauge:  5 sts to 1” on size 5 needles
Stripe sequence:
Row 1:  A
Row 2:  A
Row 3:  B
Row 4:  B
Sometimes you just want an easy little knit.  These arm warmers are just the thing.  I love the movies of Tim Burton, especially Beetlejuice and a Nightmare Before Christmas.  These movies inspired this pair of arm warmers with their black and white stripes and red accents.  They are a quick and easy knit, suitable for beginners, and will make up quickly for holiday gifts.  And they’re just the thing if you’re going to meet the Pumpkin King.

Cast on 36 sts with colour A, leaving a tail of about 10”
(You will use the tails from the cast on and bind off to sew up the arm warmers, this is why they are longer than usual)
Work in stockinette stitch, following stripe pattern, until there are 39 stripes
(First and last stripe should be black)
Bind off, leaving a tail about 10” long 
Repeat for second arm warmer
Making up:  
Thread tail from cast on onto a darning needle and sew up for 23 stripes
Weave in end
Thread tail from bind off onto a darning needle and sew down 9 stripes
Weave in end
With colour C and size E crochet hook work 19 scs around thumb opening
Work a second round of 18 scs around thumb opening, making a slip st on sc #19
Bind off and weave in ends
Wear and enjoy!

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